Six Month Smiles

What to expect during your Six Month Smiles treatment

  • Your teeth and lips will be sore for about 1-2 weeks (everyone is different).
  • If you have BITE GUARDS placed on your teeth (most patients) you will only be able to bite on the bite guards. Your other teeth won’t touch until about 2-4 months into treatment.
  • You will get used to eating with the BITE GUARDS! Hang in there!
  • Use wax and Ibuprofen (or other pain meds) to help aid with discomfort as needed.
  • During the first few weeks, you can place Six Month Smiles wax on parts of the braces that may be bothering you (wires or brackets).

If one of the braces (brackets) come off with Six Month Smiles

  • We want the braces to stay on your teeth. If one pops off your tooth, it will sometimes come out of your mouth and it will sometimes stay on the wire.
  • If the dislodged brace (bracket) isn’t hurting you, try to hang on to it until you come in for your next adjustment
  • You are responsible for keeping the braces on your teeth!

Six Month Smiles – Avoid the following foods

  • Anything that is harder than a PRETZEL
  • Crusts, nuts, bagels, chicken wings, popcorn kernels, raw vegetables, whole fruit, candy, taffy and any other food that could dislodge one of your braces.
  • Spaghetti sauce, red wine, coffee, tea, strawberries, blue berries, curry, dark sodas, red juices and other highly colored foods/drinks can stain your braces. Try to limit them.

Benefits from having Six Month Smiles

  • Straight teeth fast
  • Invisible braces
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Quick straight teeth
  • Cosmetic smile correction

Six Month Smiles – Brush and Floss your teeth

  • Brush like crazy! It is your responsibility to keep your teeth and braces clean.
  • Keep all plaque off your teeth so that it doesn’t harden up and turn into tartar
  • Teeth move slower when plaque and tartar is in the way!
  • Your adjustments will be easier if your teeth are clean!
  • Flossing can be difficult but it is do-able. Thoroughly Floss at least twice per week. If you need an overview, pleas ask!

** Six Months is the average treatment time and not a guarantee.

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