Below you’ll find a summary of the benefits and exclusions of our dental payment plans.

Below you’ll find a summary of our payment plans. Your dentist will discuss with you how they will tailor your individual plan to suit you best. For more information about about which plans your practice offers speak to one of our dentists.

Please note: none of the following plans cover laboratory fees (to build crowns etc.), prescriptions and referrals.

Denplan Care Denplan Essentials Denplan Hygiene Denplan for Children Denplan Membership
Preventive dental advice Included  Included Ask your dentist   Included   Included
Check-ups   Included   Included Not Included   Included Ask your dentist
Hygiene treatments   Included  Ask your dentist  Included  Ask your dentist  Ask your dentist
X-rays   Included  Ask your dentist Ask your dentist   Included  Ask your dentist
Supplementary Insurance   Included   Included Not  Included   Included   Included
Restorative treatment as outlined by your dentist; e.g. fillings, crowns, bridges   Included  Not  Included Not  Included  Ask your dentist  Not  Included

About the plans and prices

Payment plans are designed to suit your dental needs.

Supplementary Insurance

Most Denplan payment plans include Denplan Supplementary Insurance as part of your plan.

This is arranged for you to provide cover towards the cost of dental treatment in an emergency or following a dental injury, and can be used in the UK and abroad.

Your Denplan Supplementary Insurance cover gives you…

  • Emergency dental treatment when you are over 40 miles away from your registered Denplan provider*
  • Cover for treatment following a dental injury
  • Cover for out of hours consultations in the event of a dental injury or dental emergency
  • A hospital cash benefit if you are admitted overnight for dental treatment
  • Worldwide emergency dental treatment
  • Mouth cancer cover up to £12,000.

*When you’re within 40 miles of your registered Denplan provider you should speak to us regarding the emergency dental care agreements in place for you outside of normal surgery hours.


  • Dental treatment which was prescribed, planned or taking place at the start of your Denplan Supplementary Insurance
  • Emergency dental treatment within 40 miles of us.
  • Permanent treatment in a dental emergency that is not pre-authorised by Simplyhealth Professionals
  • Dental injury from contact sports unless appropriate mouth protection is used
  • Implants (unless you’re registered for Denplan Implant upgrade cover), cosmetic treatment or any treatment not deemed to be clinically necessary
  • Mouth cancer diagnosed, or where consultation and tests commenced, before or within 90 days of beginning your Denplan payment plan.

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