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A polite notice to all of our patients,

“The limit for most standard dental chairs is 20 stone, and allowances might need to be made to safely treat patients whose weight exceeds this.”

We have recently had an update from the NHS regarding bariatric patients and the steps that we should be taking to ensure the health and safety of both patients and staff within the practice.

We understand that weight can be a very sensitive subject and denying someone necessary care that they are entitled to based on what they weigh is something that we are trying to avoid as a profession. 

As advised by the Dental Defence Union (DDU), using any equipment outside of the limits and recommendations of the manufacturer may invalidate both public and employee liability insurance. This means that as individuals and as a practice, we are not insured to see any patient whose weight exceeds 20 stone.

Under the Unfair Contractual Terms Act 1977, liability cannot be avoided, even if the patient is informed of and voluntarily accepts the risk.

Dental professionals must be aware of their legal obligations when it comes to accommodating obese patients and ensuring they have access to dental care.

Because of this, if your weight is in excess of 20 stone, please let us know prior to your appointment, preferably when booking your appointment so that necessary arrangements can be made on your behalf. This will usually involve a referral to a specialist unit.

Thank you for your understanding in this sensitive matter.

Harbour Dental Practice

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