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Emergency Dentist In Cheshire

Emergency Dental Services

Such as extractionsSuch as cracked fillingsSuch as severe pain

 Whether you are suffering from severe pain or discomfort, swelling, or bleeding or if you have suffered some kind of trauma, here at Harbour, we are always happy to help.

We will offer you emergency care at the same high standard and quality as our general dentistry, using the same principles and ensuring that your discomfort is dealt with as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Weekend & Evenings

Weekend & Evenings

Struggling to find a practice that can accommodate your busy work/social life? When we say we're dedicated, we mean it and will do our very best to find a time that suits you.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Get educated on whats best for you by our dentists at Harbour Dental.

0% Interest For 12 Months*

0% Interest For 12 Months*

You can spread the cost of your life-changing treatment with our flexible finance options - from 0% interest over 12 months - subject to checks*.

Frequently Asked Invisalign Questions

Even if you are not experiencing any pain yet, it is important that you see an emergency dentist immediately. The internal and delicate parts of the tooth may, at this point, be exposed to the different types of bacteria residing in the mouth. And if the tooth remains unprotected, it could result in new decay, and your emergency dentist needs to evaluate how serious the problem is right away.

If this is necessary, there are several sedation for anxiety that can be used for you, including oral sedation. It is very common to have anxiety when going to see a dentist. Many people experience this; so, you are not alone. And if it is in the case of emergency, the potential for pain unnerve you even more.

If it happened that you have a piece of food or any other small object caught between your teeth, you could try to remove this with dental floss; but do this very gently. Don’t try to use anything extremely sharp like a pin to get it out because you may end up causing some damages. If dental floss cannot remove what is there, contact your emergency dentist right away for an appointment.

A dental emergency is characterised by sudden swelling, pain, and a huge amount of discomfort. On a general note, when you discovered that you couldn’t help yourself, it is important that you understand oral health problems rarely fix themselves and don’t just go away quickly. If you have swelling, knots, or bulges on your gums, that may also need urgent attention.

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