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Why might my fees change?

We may review their fees from time to time, in line with business costs, professional regulations and inflation.

Your fees can also increase in relation to the amount of treatment you need over a period of time, as they are designed to reflect your oral health needs.

The best way to find out why your fees have changed is to speak to your dentist or our Denplan Specialist. They will be able to talk you through your plan and ensure that the care you are receiving is the best option for you.

Who collects my payments?

Denplan will deal with the administration of your plan including collecting your Denplan fees.  This saves us time on paperwork and administration, leaving us free to give you the best possible dental care.

Why do I pay extra for specialist/referral treatment?

At some point you may need to be seen by a specialist for treatment, such as an orthodontist or oral surgery expert. A specialist treatment is not a part of your regular care.

Does claiming on my Denplan Supplementary Insurance affect my fee?

Making a claim on your Denplan Supplementary Insurance that is included in your payment plan doesn’t affect your payments.

However, if your oral health changes as the result of a dental injury, you may need an increased level of care in the future, and your dentist may review your fee.

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